Lost And Found Birds


Steps to take if you lose a bird

Please do the following steps as soon as possible:

Start searching IMMEDIATELY in concentric circles ONLY DURING DAYLIGHT HOURS. If you are still searching by sunset, stop searching and resume at sunrise. Companion parrots are evolved to keep themselves quiet at night, for good reason. Please do not put your bird at further risk by searching at night. Further guidance and help with searching and retrieving your lost bird is written in the Search and Retrieve Protocol of the 911 Parrot Alert resource available for download.

Flyers flyers flyers!!! If you have yet to make flyers and need flyers prepared, they can be made from the 911 Parrot Alert resource page. These flyers can be shared to other lost and found media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Nextdoor, etc. If you need help making the flyers, please let the Administators on the 911 Parrot Alert Facebook Group know, and they will gladly assist you. 


  • PetHarbor : Contact your local animal services and report your missing bird right away. The first step for a found bird is to report it to animal services, so they should be the first place you reach out to. 
  • Nextdoor.com  : Please get an account with Nextdoor.com and post an URGENT lost bird message as soon as possible so you will be able to connect with and alert your neighborhood.
  • 911 Parrot Alert : Please post your bird in all of the appropriate databases located on their resource page. There is also a facebook group for help, guidance, and support. Download their google drive document for Search and Retrieve Protocol  for further information on the best way to find your bird.



Steps to take if you find a bird

  • Immediately contact Animal Services and give them all the details about the bird. This is the official and legal way to begin finding the owner. They will post the information and try to find the owner for up to 30 days. If after that 30 days no one has claimed the bird, the person who found it has the ability to become the legal owner of the bird if they so choose.  For Contra Costa County, call  925-608-8430 and file a Found Pet Report. 
  • Contact 911 Parrot Alert and notify them of the found bird. If they received any lost bird requests they can help connect the owner with the found bird. 
  • Post flyers, pictures, and information to social media sites. Going to all the places a person who as lost a bird will go is the best chance you will have of finding and interacting with the owner. Posting flyers in the area around where you found the bird will also help. 
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