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With a lower total quantity of boarders, we can provide exceptional quality of care, where you know your bird will be loved, entertained, and treated like family.


Due to reduced operating hours, we've made an effort to accommodate customer schedules by providing drop-off & pick-up time windows on our off days. Monday, Tuesday,  and Thursday are open to drop-off/pick-up boarding birds from 12:00pm - 1:00pm. Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday follow our standard operating hours.


 All boarding costs include daily fresh food, water, freshly chopped fruit and vegetables, music, special care and attention by our staff, and playtime if you would like your bird to get interactive time out of the cage. Check cage sizes below for accurate pricing.





 Boarding Cage

Each level has a divider that can be removed to turn two small cages into one medium cage. Each single cage unit is $20/day. 


These cage units give us a bit of versatility with how birds can be laid out and can accommodate bonded pairs if they need a larger space.  


Exact cage dimensions are 19" x 19" x 19" (Length x Height x Width)

Medium sized birds will be required to rent a different unit altogether for $35/day. This larger cage has much more volume and more appropriate bar spacing for larger species.


As a rough guide, any bird size between a Sun Conure and a Congo African Grey would be better suited for this cage.


Exact cage dimensions are 24" x 24" x 20" (Length x Height x Width)

Medium Cage
Large Cage

For $45/day, these Large Cage units have slightly wider bar spacing than Mediums and provide significantly more volume to accommodate larger birds, such as Amazons & African Greys. This unit would also be appropriate for multiple bonded Medium birds. In most cases, this upgrade in size is optional depending on the length of stay.


Exact Cage dimensions are 36" x 24" x 24" (Length x Height x Width)

 We offer one Macaw cage on site at $55/day. Exact dimensions are 40"x55"x30" (Length x Height x Width) Fill out the form below and submit your request to check for availability. 


NOTE: A minimum of two suitable toys are required for your bird’s stay. If you are boarding for a longer time and your bird may need replacement toys, please bring them. If your bird has a special diet that you would like us to adhere to, we ask that you bring it as well. Please do not bring refrigerated items.




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