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Temporary Boarding


Happy Holiday Season Everybirdie!


In order to help support our Feathered Follies Family through the holiday season, we are excited to announce we will have extremely limited boarding available beginning December 1st!


With a lower quantity of boarders, we can provide exceptional quality of care, where you know your bird will be loved, entertained, and treated like family. If you don’t want to take a chance this holiday season, bring your bird to us!


Due to the high demand, the lack of space, and our constant struggle to survive in the wake of Covid, boarding prices will be different for this very personalized setup: One cage will be $18/day, which includes daily fresh food, water, freshly chopped fruit and vegetables, music, special care and attention by our staff, and playtime is included if you would like your bird to get interactive time out of the cage.

 Boarding Cage

There are a total of 6 available spaces (A-F)


Each level has a divider that can be removed to turn two small cages into one medium cage. This enables us to house medium birds if necessary. 


Medium birds will be required to rent 2 cages with the divider removed.


NOTE: A minimum of two suitable toys are required for your bird’s stay. If you are boarding for a longer time and your bird may need replacement toys, please bring them. If your bird has a special diet that you would like us to adhere to, we ask that you bring it as well.


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