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Adoptable Adult Small Birds

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Gilbert & Benny

Species: Cockatiels
Age: Unknown (est. 6+ years old)
Personality: Both Gilbert (left) and Benny (right) are fun-loving boys. Benny is the larger of the two, and far more clever and serious than Gilbert. Benny is intelligent and likes exercise, adventure, and even has decent problem solving skills. He takes longer to trust people, but once he does, he is a calm companion who will ride around on a shoulder or gently groom your hair. With the right teacher he could learn tricks and commands. He is the louder of the two with his passionate songs. Gilbert is smaller than Benny, but is packed full of simple joy. He is a silly little clown, and almost any activity makes him happy, including singing, talking, hiding under paper, or having a discussion with a trusted human. His vocabulary includes "pretty bird" and kissing noises, along with a variety of songs. He has a soft and gentle voice making him a delight to listen to. The pair get along well together, and their interactions are often hilarious (think Squidward and Spongebob). They had not been handled much until recently, and would do best with an experienced owner as they do bite when they don't want to step up, or if they are asked to do something they don't want to do. With time and consistency, however, they respond well to new queues and are very reasonable about doing what is asked. Their current foster home reports them as the funniest cockatiels they have ever met.
History: Retired breeding males, semi-hand tame. Should not be bred due to genetic concerns.
Health: Benny has seizures when transported/overstressed. This has not been observed during everyday life. Gilbert has no health concerns.

Two Cockatiels

Noise Level: 3/10
Attention Required: 3/10
Friendliness: 6/10

Items Included: None
Visitations Required: By consultation as Benny cannot be moved due to seizures.
Price: $300

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